Thursday, April 8, 2010

Take off your shoes and walk a mile in mine...

Today April 8, is considered by Toms shoes to be "A day without shoes." In many parts of the world children don't have shoes. They walk to school, they walk to get water, they play, they clean, they do what children do; barefoot. So today, you are supposed to go barefoot and experience a little of what they might.

I did this today. I woke up and got ready for work...put my shoes in my bag...and walked outside barefoot. The ground was cold. I went for most of the day at work barefoot, except for the times when someone might see my feet. As soon as I was out of the building they came back off. I went shopping, ironically for shoes, while not wearing any. All of these things seemed more like fun than hard work. I don't like wearing shoes anyway, so an 'excuse' to take them off is always welcome.

All of these things seemed like fun until I stepped on a broken piece of glass while taking my trash to the dumpster. All of a sudden being barefoot and not having an option to put on shoes or even clean my foot became real. Seeing my foot bleed and feeling the pain was real. Right now as I type barefoot my feet are cold, cold enough that I wish I had socks and shoes on.

Does my little boy ever wish for socks and shoes? In the picture I have of him he is barefoot. His feet are dirty and I'm sure they are cut and callused. Does he have shoes? Maybe he does...maybe like me he prefers to be barefoot. Or maybe unlike me he doesn't have a choice.

Tomorrow I can put my shoes on, heck today at anytime I could put shoes on, but can he?

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