Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane

The day we left Oklahoma in pursuit of Africa seems like such a vague memory. The night before I must have packed 10 times. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and repacked. The next morning I repacked 2 more times. By the time I was at the church waiting I had no idea what was really in my bag. To be honest, as long as I got to Africa it didn't really matter.

The plane ride was interesting. I've flown enough times to not be afraid, but flying that long sure is boring! From Detroit to Amsterdam I watched Dear John. I slept through New Moon. Listened to music. I sat. From Amsterdam to Entebbe was more of the same but this time without movies. Gasp! The entertainment system was broken. Between all the flights we must have been given a thousand meals. It seems like every time I looked up they were feeding us.

Getting off the plane in Entebbe was exciting. I just kept thinking, "I'm in Africa!" We waited in a long line to get our Visa. I got my first stamp in my passport! It was strange to be in a tiny airport with open doors and windows to the outside. Hello Africa, goodbye A/C!

All of our luggage and totes made it with exception of my cell phone. (no worries, it didn't work internationally anyways!). We were led outside to a few vehicles that we loaded up and drove to the Central Inn-Entebbe.

It was so dark outside. That was probably the first thing I noticed. The smells were different too. Being on a different continent at that moment didn't seem scary; it felt comfortable. I was meant to be there.

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