Tuesday, March 16, 2010


So far my biggest fear for the trip to Africa isn't that I have to get a bunch of shots or that I may not have enough money. I know those things will be taken care of. My fear is that I will be alone...what?!??!? In a village of almost 600 orphans and traveling with a group if 10 I should not even have that thought. But I do. I don't really know the people I am traveling with; but that is changing. Everyone is super nice, but what if they don't like me... The crazy things my mind thinks.
Well I prayed about it the other day. I prayed that I not feel alone and that I make friends on this trip. I prayed for lots of things...and I got my answer. Minutes after praying I turned on my iPod, put it on shuffle and the song "Never Alone" by Mercy Me came on. The lyrics..."then a voice comes calling out to me you're never alone cause I am with you and I will always be" Then, next song...another Mercy Me (my iPod shouldn't play the same artist back to back!) this time it's "Here Am I".

Ok God, send me!


  1. God is so good; he will always give us the strength we need for each situation

  2. It's always scary going somewhere far and going with people you don't know.
    But i've found that those people that go with you, on such a monumental trip, tend to be the ones you connect with the most. You guys share something special, and in return that something special gives you something back. A close bond with a complete stranger.