Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yes, I'm American...and I want that to change.

Tonight I was contacted by one of the people pulling things together for this trip and was given the info for the vaccinations we'll need before we go. She told me the Yellow Fever shot was $84. Then she told me it was another $3 for a booklet of some sort...I was still in shock from the cost of the actual shot I missed out on what this $3 item really was :)

Why did I think these shots would be free? What an American way to think. I have access to so much already, so much that I take for granted. I have all the food I could want, I have a comfortable place to live, I have a wonderful job...and I want free vaccinations. Could I possibly be anymore selfish? While I'm shocked at how much a shot is, a shot that I can afford to pay for, someone in Africa or South America is suffering from Yellow Fever.

While this trip is not free, I am learning a valuble lesson that is. I am realizing how lucky I am, how much I have, and to appreciate both.

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